February 19, 2020
homemade recycled bird houses

Interesting ideas for creating recycled bird feeders for favorite pets

If you like to care for the environment and still want to keep the wild bird fed, you should consider the recycled bird feeders. Such feeders are made from the materials you already have at home, such as plastic bottles, milk cartons and old shoes. The imagination here can go as wild as possible. In fact, almost anything can make a great bird feeder. Some people use old boxes and snickers to make bird feeders. Others use Coca Cola and juice bottles. There is a great variety of instruction videos on the Internet, which will teach you how to make bird feeders out of the materials you were planning to throw out.

Recycled bird baths can also be made out of  different materials, which you have at home. Baths can also be made out of large juice or milk bottles. However, no matter how environmentally friendly recycled bird accessories are, they usually don’t last long. So, if you are not planning to buy any professionally made bird baths, or to make them on your own out of special materials, you should be changing the recycled accessories every once in a while. In fact, recycled baths and feeders are quite hard to clean, so it would be better to change them every time the cleaning time comes.

Look for recycled bird feeder plans on the Internet, so you can make the most interesting bird accessories out there. Usually, the recycled feeders don’t take too much time to make, so you can make several. The more bird feeders and bird baths you have on your territory, the more birds will come flying. However, you must remember that birds can create a lot of mess, so the more feeders you have the more cleaning you would need to do. Even if you have regular bird accessories, take some time to make the recycled ones. It is not just environmentally friendly, it is fun.

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