July 8, 2020
best bird seed for winter

10 a lot of pictures seed bird feeders on sale

Bird seed feeders can be chosen carefully in order to serve you as long as possible. If you go for handmade feeders, be ready that their expiration date will come much faster than for the professionally made ones. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try making a bird feeder. It is always a lot of fun and birds will appreciate your effort. Before trying to make a feeder on your own, browse some plans on the Internet to get an idea which feeder you can make without any problems. Once you have a feeder ready, consider which food you’ll be putting inside.

You are probably thinking about buying the best bird seed mix. However, there is no such thing as a universal seed mix. Different birds need different types of food. So, before buying just any food, make sure to learn which birds you are planning to feed. Cardinals and sparrows will have completely different requirements. So, once you know which birds you are about to feed, you should look for a manufacturer which sells mixes for the birds in question. Usually, you can find the required mix in the nearest pet store. However, if you want to save some money, you should look for online stores, which usually sell food in bigger quantities and offer some deals.

Birds like eating bird seed when they are safe. So when you are installing the feeders, make sure they are high up from the ground. There are two ways to install a bird feeder. You can either hang it or place on a pedestal. Hanging is a more popular way, since it doesn’t require any additional accessories. However, a pedestal should also be considered, since it can be placed anywhere you want regardless the number of trees you have and it also doesn’t get swung by the wind as the hanging feeder does.

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