April 20, 2021

Sex on the beach

Provide in

a Collins glass. ⅔ picture Original Peachtree Liqueur 1 photo Newly compressed orange juice 1 picture Clean pressed pineapple liquid 1 picture Ketel One Vodka 1 photo Cranberry juice picture Black raspberry liqueur

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How to make:

SHAKE first 3 ingredients (the ‘beach’ portion) with ice cubes and stress into ice-cubes-filled glass. Then SHAKE the last 3 substances (the ‘sex’ part) with ice and strain into glass to stay along with the ‘beach’ foundation coating. Provide with stirrer and teach enthusiast to combine tiers with each other prior to consuming.



Wonderful fruitiness face masks the alcoholic beverages in this effortless drinking, extended cocktail.

“Sex” is associated with red-colored (e.g.red light-weight region) and is symbolized in this particular beverage by means of vodka, cranberry fruit juice, and black raspberry liqueur. These sexy components sit on top of the soft sand yellowish “seaside”– consisting peach schnapps, orange fruit juice, and pineapple juice.


A cocktail through the 1980s with lots of diverse dishes, this layered edition by the one you have genuinely (Simon Difford).


There are around 242 energy in one servicing of Sex In The Beach (Difford’s formula).

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