August 4, 2020
best wood for bird houses

For the little sparrow bird houses you can make yourself

When you are thinking of getting some sparrows to come to your yard, consider buying or making special sparrow bird houses. Sparrows are small birds and they have their own requirements for the living conditions. In order to make the right sparrow house, you must consider their size. The opening in the bird house must be made large enough to let the sparrow in and small enough not to allow larger birds to fly through. Accordingly houses for sparrows don’t have to be too large. Check the opening size before buying a house. It shouldn’t be more than 5 inches in diameter.

If you would like to make bird houses for the sparrows, you should look for some simple plans on the Internet. The advantage of such bird house is that it is small and you don’t need much materials to build it. When you are making an opening, make sure to make it at least several inches up from the floor in order for the sparrows to feel safe inside. Place some sawdust inside to make them feel good enough for breeding. Make sure to clean the houses properly in order to prevent bird diseases. Look for special cleaning solutions in the pet store in order to avoid poisonous components.

Once the house is chosen, you should look for bird seed for sparrows. Sparrows are not too picky about their food. However, they still need a special set of vitamins, which you can find in the bird seed for wild birds. So, a good idea would be to buy the mix in a store instead of making it yourself. When you make food for the birds on your own, you risk leaving some important components out. For example, sparrows are small, so they need small seed, which they can easily swallow. If you give them birds seed, which is too large, all they will do is throw it out of the feeder to create a lot of mess on the ground. Make sure to feed the sparrows right and they will be glad to come back for more.

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