April 13, 2021
agway bird feeders

You can see 10 photos squirel proof bird feeders

When you are installing feeders in your yard, you might be faced with a problem of squirrels. In order to fight the animals eating bird food, you can buy squirrel proof bird feeders. Such feeders are made to prevent the squirrels from climbing or jumping onto the feeder. If you hang the table too close to the tree, then the animals will have easy access to it. So choose a thin and long branch to hang the feeder far away from the trunk. However, such manipulations can be quite complicated. So it would be a good idea to consider a stand.

If you would like to make sure the birds are fed properly, go for automatic bird feeders. They are usually used for indoor pets, but can be installed for wild birds as well. These feeders release food at a certain time. This is a perfect tool to prevent overfeeding the birds. Too much food is dangerous for both indoor pets and wild birds. If a pet eats too much, it will be bad for its health. If a wild bird has too much food, it stops looking for nature’s vitamins and will also eventually get ill. Accordingly, feeders with timers are a wonderful idea to prevent birds form eating too much.

If your bird feeder is broken, replacement parts for bird feeders can be found at the same store you purchased the feeder at. If they for some reason don’t have what you need, you can go for making the broken part on your own. Usually, bird feeders are quite simple. So making a missing part may be easy if you know how to wield instruments. If such option is not available, look for replacement parts on the Internet. You will most likely find what you need pretty fast. However, some of the parts might

be more expensive to replace than buy a new feeder.

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