May 30, 2020
extra tall bird table

Interesting ideas how to make tall bird bath for your garden

Tall bird baths are a great choice for the yard owners, who want special backyard décor. In fact, choosing such baths are a better idea than going for the hanging ones. Baths, which are placed on a pedestal, might take up more space, but they are easier to clean due to their easy access qualities. At the same time they are usually nicer designed and are more durable. Another advantage of a tall bath is that they are easier to be used by the birds and can be used with a water heater in the winter.

Tall bird bath stands can either be purchased separately or bought together with a bird bath. A better idea would be to buy a bath together with a pedestal. This way you’ll be sure that it will fit properly and the bath will be stable. However, if you already have a bath and want it to make it taller, then you can go for buying a separate stand and fitting your bath onto it. There is also a way to make your own stand out of the materials you have at home. Some people prefer putting baths on a flower pot stand. This way they combine the two accessories and save space.

Tall bird bath fountains can be a great idea for any large yard. The birds will be grateful to you for fresh water  and you will appreciate the way such fountains look. The fountain doesn’t necessarily be designed to be a bird bath. Birds will like any type of bath you will place in your yard for the water it will provide. As long as there is space for the bird to sit on, any fountain will do. Remember. That the fountain will not be working tin the winter when the water turns to ice. So, think about alternative water source for the cold times.

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