January 26, 2021
diy unique bird feeders

You can see 10 photos unique bird feeders for house

Unique bird feeders are hard to buy somewhere in a specialty store or order over the Internet. Unique items can only be handmade. If you want a unique feeder but don’t know where to start, there some tips on how to make your own bird feeder, which will certainly differ from any other feeders in the world, since it will be made using your imagination.

1. Got an old snicker? It will make a great bird feeder. Leather shoes make wonderful feeders. All you have to do is nail one to a tree and put some bird food into it. Make sure the shoe is nailed vertically to allow the food to be covered. The disadvantage of this feeder is that it is not squirrel proof, so the little animals will steal the food from your birds. To avoid them, you can make a feeder for squirrels as well.

2. Unique bird feeders for sale are hard to find. So, buy some wine! Wine bottles make great unique bird feeders. All you have to do is fill them with bird food, place them on a large saucer or a plate and make some holes for the food to pour out.

3. Got an old tea pot? It will make a great bird feeder! You can hang the teapot on a bush using the handle and the feeder is ready. Put some food inside and the birds will come flying. The little teapots make wonderful bird feeders and they are very comfortable for the birds to use.

4. Got a thick piece of wood? Do some wood carving. Carve a hollow space inside it and hang it on a chain. The birds will love it!

Unique bird feeders and houses make for great school projects for your children. Making a feeder or a bird house together will get your family closer and will allow you to enjoy some quality time spent with your children.

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