August 12, 2020
bird cages vintage

The most beautiful vintage bird cages for your room

There is a great plethora of vintage bird cages available on the market. Such cages are a great idea for those who are collecting antique pieces. They come in different sizes and are made from all sorts of materials. However, those bird owners who want to purchase a vintage cage for their pet bird, must be very careful. Most of the vintage cages are not fit for birds. In fact they can be very dangerous. Special attention should be paid to the materials the cages are made from as well as to the paint such cages are painted with.

Cheap vintage bird cages are definitely not something you should be looking for when it comes to your pet bird. Remember, vintage cages are either very old cages or ones made to look antique. The first ones were made when there was no consideration for the pet bird health and the second ones are made for decorative purposes only. The construction and the size of the old cages are not appropriate for most of the birds. Old cages are often painted with paint which contains led. Since the birds like to bite down on the cage bars, the lead paint will be eaten up by them. This will turn out to be fatal to any pet bird over time.

When you are looking for vintage bird cages for sale, it is important to consider such thing as accessories. Real vintage bird cages will most likely not have comfortable perches or feeders available for your pet birds. Make sure to buy all the necessary accessories separately. However, it might be hard to find such accessories which will coincide with style of your vintage cage. So, in the end it is a better idea to buy a vintage cage for decoration and a regular modern cage for your bird pet.

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