September 27, 2020
wholesale bird feed

Find out where to buy wholesale bird houses for their pets

Wholesale bird houses are available for sale over the Internet. Before placing a large order, make sure you have chosen the right bird houses for yourself and for further sale. If you are planning to sell bird houses, you must study the information about which bird houses are more popular in your area. For example, in cold climate, more durable and large bird houses are appreciated, while in warm climates bird houses don’t haver to be as warm to keep the birds coming and laying eggs.

Wholesale bird feeders are also available. You can save money by ordering both houses and feeders from one manufacturer. Make sure that the feeders are properly made. Customers will be looking for the feeders, which can either be hung on the trees or placed on a pole. You can also order pedestals separately in order to sell them together with the appropriate bird feeders. Nowadays, bird feeders with poles and pedestals are more popular than the ones hung on a tree. These feeders are squirrel proof and can be easily cleaned. Pay some special attention to the retractable poles, which provide easy access to the feeders.

If you are opening a store, take a look at the wholesale bird food options. A small pet store can’t have a huge variety of bird food but it can still provide its customers with the food they need most. The best idea would be to have different food mixes for different types of pert birds. Wild bird mixes might not be as popular, but they are less expensive and with the right approach you’ll be able to sell just as much. There are areas where people take pride in feeding wild birds. So, if this is your case, make sure you purchase different wild bird food for your customers. Food for wild birds is usually cheaper and comes in bigger quantities.

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