July 6, 2020
best winter bird bath

You can see 10 photos winter bird bath for your garden

If you live in a cold climate and would like to feed birds in the winter, you should consider winter bird baths. Some people might be surprised to hear about such baths, but they do exist. So, what is a proper  bath for the cold times? This bath must be made of durable materials such as stone, glass or ceramics. Wooden bird baths are no good for the cold climate. The bath must be durable enough to withstand the heat. When water freezes over, the birds are left without a place to drink. So a special heater should be purchased to heat the water in baths.

Heated winter bird baths are also available. This is probably the best choice since they can be used both in the summer and in the winter. However, these baths are usually pretty expensive and not everybody wants to spend this much money on the wild bird baths. Accordingly, many go for the heaters, which are much less expensive. If you have no chance to buy a heater or a heated bath, then make sure to change the water in the baths at least once a day. So the birds have some access to the water. Baths should be designed not to allow the birds to sit inside  in the freezing conditions. If they bathe and get their feathers wet when the temperature is low, they might freeze.

Winter bird food must also be given some consideration. During winter birds need more vitamins than in the summer since they have almost no other place to get them from except than the feeder. However, you shouldn’t overfeed the birds, because then they will completely stop looking for other natural food. Give small food quantities daily. Read about the limits in order not to overfeed the wild birds in the winter.

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